Our Centres of Excellence have expertise in a specific discipline related to carbon monoxide poisoning related research. We promote an multidisciplinary approach to research and seek to identify and create collaborative opportunities, our Centres of Excellence have signed up to the following three commitments:

  • To work towards zero fatalities and minimal injuries from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • To work collaboratively and openly on research that improves our understanding of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • To contribute to research and data collection that will help regulators make better-informed policy, and assist innovators in making better products which will protect the public.

Our Centres of Excellence are at the heart of what we do and provide the essential knowledge and expertise that underpins our work. 

These partnerships are creating an international community of researchers committed to reducing death and injury from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our aim is to do this through a multidisciplinary approach creating an open and collaborative environment and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing which will lead to innovative solutions to this challenge.

We work with policymakers to identify the information and data needed to bring regulatory and policy change, and then create the projects that will address that gap in our knowledge.

We believe that this joined-up approach is the only way to understand and prevent this underreported and misunderstood global risk.

For more information about becoming an ICORN Centre of Excellence, please contact us by email – adrian@safetyhealthenvironment.org