Our Associate Members provide key support to ICORN’s work to reduce death and injury from, and to improve our knowledge of, carbon monoxide poisoning.

Membership benefits include invitations to ICORN events, involvement with our research and campaigns, professional insight into policy developments, and networking opportunities.

  • Access to Expertise

Associate Members will gain access to experts, who will be able to advise, collaborate and contribute to their work.  Our network includes internationally recognised experts working on a broad range of topics including: indoor air quality, toxicology, risk management, epidemiology, public affairs, medicine, and combustion science.

  • Events

Associate Members are invited to our full calendar of roundtables, workshops and conferences, offering invaluable opportunities for engagement with policymakers and experts. They will also receive summaries of our events and event-related policy documents.

  • Policy Research

Associate Members can offer input into ICORN’s policy research and are consulted as part of the process. Members will also receive copies of our research publications.

  • Campaigns

Associate Members are involved with ICORN’s campaigns, which aim to raise the profile of issues relating to healthy homes and the indoor environment. We also collaborate with other campaigns and activities, for example: Safety Through Technology, All-Party Parliamentary Groups, and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

  • Information Services

ICORN produces a newsletter detailing all our activities, related organisations, and relevant news in this policy area. We also send out detailed briefings to Associate Members, providing information and insight on key policy developments.

  • Profile-raising

Associate Members can network at an international level with policymakers, regulators, industry leaders, academics and other stakeholders at ICORN events. Members can also reach the wider ICORN stakeholder group by submitting news and press releases for inclusion in our newsletter.

  • Becoming a Member – The Benefits

Many organisations can benefit from becoming an Associate Member of ICORN. Associate Members gain access to a variety of benefits that will represent and support their work, including representation on the advisory panel, networking opportunities with policymakers, and input into our research.

For more information about becoming an Associate Member of ICORN, please contact us by email – adrian@safetyhealthenvironment.org